The Beginning of My Final Semester: A Reflection

20 Jan

As the final semester of my undergraduate education begins to unfold, I cannot help but feel worried about the workload I’ve thrust upon myself.

While I know each of my courses will teach me essential skills I will need post-graduation, balancing all of them atop extracurricular activities and a job is looking pretty overwhelming. I know that Media Productions II will be especially demanding; in the same respect though, I also know it will be one of the courses from which I learn the most. This will be the second course I take with this professor—those his strict deadlines and overload of tasks sometimes drive me nearly crazy, he has a knack for teaching me more about my abilities and potential than I could ever discover on my own.

Audio recording and editing is not something I am experienced or comfortable with, so I know it will be interesting learning how to use the new toys and software that accompany the class. Upon deciding whether or not to enroll in the course (a course which I do not technically need in order to graduate), I asked myself one question. “Will it benefit me?” The answer, which is apparent through my presence in this computer lab, was yes.

Realizing that this is my final semester at St. Mary’s University is bittersweet. On the one hand, I am thrilled to move into the new chapter of my life—new adventures, experiences, challenges, and lessons. However, what I am leaving at St. Mary’s is certainly greater than what I anticipated when I first moved in as a wide-eyed freshman.

I have made friends and relationships that have been more profound than I could have imagined. I have made countless memories around the campus. I have faced major struggles and overcome them throughout these four years. In many ways, I feel as though it has been here, at St. Mary’s University that I have truly grown up in the last few years. My independence has skyrocketed since graduating high school, as have my skills and my knowledge. Of course, all things must come to an end, even when we don’t feel completely ready for it. I know I am certainly not ready for this final semester.

But with that being said, I’m obligated to take a deep breath, buy a new planner and prepare for the tumultuous semester that I know awaits me. I’m getting ready for a bumpy ride!

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